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How to Run a Faster Half Marathon Without Spending Time on the Sidelines

You haven’t been able to take any time off your half marathon PR, no matter how hard you train. As runners, we tend to overcompensate. We sometimes train hard but not necessarily smart in our efforts to run a faster marathon. By training smart, you can avoid more pain and injury and reach your goals. We’ll show […]

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What’s a Good Half Marathon Time? Setting Realistic Goals For Your Age & Ability

Even if you don’t get too caught up in running as fast as you can, it’s only natural to want to perform your best on race day. If you’ve been tracking your times during your half marathon training sessions, you’re probably wondering how you’ll stack up to others for the big event. What’s a good half […]

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Run Like a Girl!: Girls on the Run Offers Young Girls the Opportunity to Shine

A rotating corps of Girls on the Run volunteers drop in on an end-of-the-season social.  The more practical goal of this gathering is to collect the coaches’ training boxes, the lessons and materials the coaches use over the twelve week course of the running program.  Inevitably though, the volunteers stop to chat, swapping season stories […]

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