Benefits of Running vs. Walking

If you want to start a quick argument, tell an avid runner that walking one mile and running one mile have the exact same fitness and health benefits.  This is a hot button issue among many runners, and the debate has points on both sides of the coin.  Walkers will talk about how fewer injuries … Read more

How to Run a Race in the Heat

Many of the races that you will find in your local area, whether they are full marathons or shorter 5k or 10k races, are held in the sunny summer and early fall months.  While that means that you shouldn’t have to run in the rain, you might have to run in some pretty serious heat. … Read more

4 Basic Marathon Training Heart Rate Zones

Once a runner has established breath management and started to build endurance, it is important to manage a marathon training heart rate zone. There are two camps of runners who feel differently about measuring and managing heart rate; the free spirits who dodge the math and gadgets, and those who are meticulous about each and … Read more

What is the Best Marathon Diet Plan?

Whether you are training for your first marathon or your fiftieth, nutrition is one of the most important components to your plan. There are hundreds of plans to choose from, but finding the right one for you is key to achieving optimal performance. Gone are the days of endless bowls of pasta to keep you … Read more

How to Lose Weight

Ok this is the subject I know little about but I really need to learn – losing weight through diet. It was a desire to lose weight that got me back into running a few years ago and it certainly proved effective…to a point. In all seriousness, through running and focusing a little but on … Read more

How to Properly Warm-up for a Race

I recently decided that I was going to enter a few “shorter” races just for fun.  Over the last several years I have been more focused on marathon running with the occasional half-marathon thrown in.  Next week I am doing the Sage Rat Run 12K in Grandview, WA followed by the Memorial Freedom 5K in … Read more

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