Can You Run the Boston Marathon Without Qualifying?

Run the Boston Marathon

Running the Boston Marathon is something almost every runner dreams about. It’s a race known for attracting top talent and runners. Many runners face grueling training schedules just to knock a few minutes off their best times in order to qualify for this legendary experience. What happens when you just aren’t fast enough? Do you have … Read more

Stephen’s 2014 Goal Inventory

Well it is close to June 2014 and I figure that it is time to take inventory of how I am doing on reaching my 2014 running goals to see how I am doing at this point. If you recall I have 10 running related goals for this year and as today I have completed … Read more

What are the World Marathon Majors?

Many of us are avid runners who enjoy distance running and may even do fairly well from time to time. Few people ever reach the heights of running by becoming elite runners, competing with the best of the best. For elite runners, there are some races that provide the toughest competition and the biggest crowds. … Read more

10 of the Best Races to Qualify for the Boston Marathon

​One of the most common goals among avid runners is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Unlike most other marathon events, one cannot simply sign up for the Boston Marathon. Rather, you must run a qualifying time at another approved event in order to have your entry to Boston accepted. Because of this process, it … Read more

The Boston Marathon: Disney World for Runners

It has been 3 months since I ran the 2013 Boston Marathon. I posted previously about some of my perspectives on the tragic events that happened that day but as time has passed I cannot help but feel that I have been remiss in not sharing my thoughts and feelings about the actual running of … Read more

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