Best Earbuds for Running To Pump You Up During Your Workouts

Best Running Earbuds

We all know the power of a good playlist and how it pumps us up during our workout routines. When listening to your playlist, you’ll want to have the best earbuds for running or working out that you can find. Finding the right pair can be difficult. There are so many different kinds to choose from, … Read more

Best Hydration Belts For Runners – Comparisons & Reviews

Best Hydration Belts

There is nothing worse than when you are running and are thirsty and in need of water. Typically, on your everyday running route, there are no water stations. It’s hard to go on when you just need that little taste of cold water, especially if it’s hot. What do you do? A hydration belt is an … Read more

5 Best Compression Sleeves For Runners To Help Improve Performance

5 Best Compression Sleeves

If you’re a runner who struggles with injuries, a good pair of compression sleeves may be just what you need. How do you know which is the best for you? Most compression sleeves offer many of the same benefits. If you’re trying to figure out which kind is the best for you, we’ve got you covered.Quick … Read more

What is a Vastus Medialis Injury?

Vastus Medialis Injury

Running and injuries sometimes go hand and hand. It’s just a part of the sport. A vastus medialis injury is one of the more uncommon types of running injuries. Anyone that has been running for a while has probably had an injury of some kind. Most of us have probably experienced the more common running injuries, … Read more

The Four Best Hill Workouts for Runners to Add Power to Your Stride

Best Hill Workouts

Did you know running hills provides you with a good way to add intensity to your workouts? If you’re tired of the same fitness routine, we have the four best hill workouts to add variety so you don’t get bored. Do you love hills or hate them? Most people tend to hate them because they are … Read more

7 Weeks to a 10K – How To Run a 10K When You Are Short on Time

7 Weeks to a 10K

So you’ve decided that you want to run a 10K, but you don’t know where to start. We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a seasoned runner or are just starting out, we have tips and a plan that will help you to cross that finish line in just 7 weeks. We have everything you need to … Read more

The 6 Best Treadmill Workouts for Losing Weight & Building Stamina

treadmill workouts for weight loss

Are you running on the treadmill and not seeing the results you want or losing any weight? Don’t give up just yet! Treadmills can be a great tool in helping you to achieve your weight loss goals. There are many ways that you can use your treadmill to increase your weight loss. Before you jump back on … Read more

Is Running On Sand Bad For You? Simple Tips For Your Next Beach Run

is running on sand bad for you

Who wouldn’t love to watch the sunrise over the water while running on the beach? Can there be anything more perfect than a great workout surrounded by beautiful scenery? Are there downsides to running on the beach? Can running on sand be bad for you? Running on sand is one of the best workouts a runner … Read more