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Should Runners Pop Blisters? Dealing With A Blister On Your Foot

Popping blisters isn’t for amateurs. Even if your stomach is up for the challenge, should runners pop blisters when they occur? Does popping a blister expedite healing or does it leave you vulnerable to infection? Let us explore…What is a blister?A blister is a small collection of fluid that forms under the outer layers of […]

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Hamstring Pain While Running and What You Can Do About It

Doing speedwork is a crucial element for improving your running times. But all that sudden movement isn’t always kind to your body.In some cases, it can result in hamstring pain while running.What Does Hamstring Pain Feel Like?When you pull a hamstring, you’ll know it. There’s nothing subtle about it.Hamstring injuries can be felt at the […]

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Groin Pain From Running – Tips For Prevention And Recovery

If running has you suffering from groin pain, maybe you’ll be able to take comfort in the fact that it’s a fairly common problem for runners. Groin pain and running can go hand in hand if precautions aren’t taken.What Is Groin Pain?Groin pain is often felt on the inner thigh, the groin, or the lower […]

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What Can Cause of Blood in the Urine After Running?

Everything seems to be going smoothly — you’ve been killing your runs lately. However, you notice blood in your urine after running and you begin to worry that something’s seriously wrong.What Could It Mean?First of all, take a deep breath and relax. While blood in your urine can be a frightening discovery, it doesn’t always […]

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