Best Hydration Belts For Runners 2017 – Comparisons & Reviews

There is nothing worse than when you are running and are thirsty and in need of water. Typically, on your everyday running route, there are no water stations. It’s hard to go on when you just need that little taste of cold water, especially if it’s hot. What do you do?

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A hydration belt is an answer to your problem! We have put together a list of the best hydration belts out there for runners. Read on to see why you need a hydration belt in your running gear arsenal.

Quick Look: Our Top Picks

Why Hydration is Important

Staying hydrated is extremely important for runners. We all know that! Being properly hydrated affects your performance. If you are not hydrated enough, it can cause you major problems like fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, and other serious illnesses.

Everyone’s fluid needs are different. Some people sweat more than others, so they will lose more water and dehydrate more easily. While you are running, you should drink to quench your thirst. You don’t want to over-hydrate and make yourself sick with water sloshing around in your belly while you’re trying to run.

In order to ensure that you have water readily available to you during your runs, you should be wearing a hydration belt.

What to Look For in a Belt

Before you choose a belt, you need to think about how far you are going to run and how much water you tend to need when you run. Answering these two questions will help you determine if you need one bottle, two bottles, or multiple bottles on your belt. This will give you an idea of what type of hydration belt you are looking for.

Another thing you want to look for is if the water bottles are included. Even if the belt has holsters, they may not be made for any kind of water bottle. It’s better if the water bottles are included, that way you know for sure that they will fit correctly.

The most popular belt with runners is the two-bottle belt. Even for long runs, two bottles should be sufficient enough to get you through your run. Once you decide on how many bottles you will need, there are other features to take into consideration as well. Is there enough storage? Does it fit correctly? Is it hard to get the bottles out and back into the holsters? You should carefully look at each of these before purchasing a belt.

Storage Space

First of all, you need to make sure that the pocket or pockets will be large enough to carry your phone and any other necessary items that you need. The box the belt comes in will show the size phones that it can accommodate, and whether or not there will be extra room for anything else. You may want to think about what you are going to be carrying and if you will want it in a zip pocket. Some belts come with zip pockets, while others do not.

The second thing to look for in terms of storage is how secure the bottle holders are. Will the bottle stay in place, or will it come loose, bounce around, or even fall off?


The next thing to look for in a belt is how accessible everything is. While running, you may not want to stop and undo hooks or straps to get to your water bottle every time you need a drink, only to have to strap it back in. When choosing a belt, check and make sure that the bottles are easily accessible.

You also want to make sure that your other items are easily accessible as well. If you have a belt that has a front zipper pocket instead of a top zipper pocket, you risk dropping everything when you open the pocket.


There are several features in regards to the fit that you will want to consider when shopping for a hydration belt. You don’t want the belt bouncing and moving all around your waist. More importantly, you don’t want a lot of added weight to carry around as you run.

You will want to look for a lightweight belt. However, the number and size of the bottles will also contribute to the amount of weight that you will be carrying. But, if you start with a heavy duty belt, it will already be heavy before you add any extra weight.

An adjustable belt will also make a difference. If you can, you will want to avoid a “one size fits all” belt. An adjustable belt will give you the freedom to try out different ways to wear the belt and will allow for more comfort. You don’t want to have to constantly adjust a belt as you run.

With an adjustable belt, you can wear it on your waist or around your hips. It will be up to you and your preference where you like your belt to fit.

One more thing to take into consideration when shopping is the material that the belt is made with. You are going to be wearing this for a long time, and you don’t want it to get sweaty and too hot. That could cause a rash or chafing. You should look for belts that have a breathable mesh material on the underside of it.

Our Top Hydration Belt Picks

Camden Gear

Camden Gear

Camden Gear has designed a lightweight adjustable belt that will fit waist sizes up to 43 inches. It has a Velcro strap that will allow you to adjust it so that it will fit tightly on your waist and not bounce.

This belt comes with two 6-ounce BPA-free water bottles. The bottles stay in place, are easily accessible, and don’t add much weight.

It has one pocket that is big enough to fit the smart phones iPhone 6, 6+, 6S plus, 5S, and the Samsung Galaxy S5/S4. It will also store small things like your ID or chap stick. The belt also has four elastic straps that are great for hanging things like your keys or your gel packs.

Camden Gear belts come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like the belt, send them an email and they will give you a full refund.


  • Will fit large smartphones

  • Adjustable

  • Lightweight

  • Room to carry lots of things

  • Money back guarantee


  • One size

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Running Belt

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Running Belt

The Trail Mix Hydration Running Belt from Nathan is fully adjustable and made with a soft monofilament fiber which allows it to be ergo-shaped and offer a multi-directional stretch that eliminates bouncing when you run.

Not only does it not bounce, it fits snugly in place and does not shift either. The air mesh moisture-wicking backing keeps it from rubbing or chaffing. There are two shock cords with one-pull tension lock for jackets or gloves.

The belt features two holsters that hold 10oz insulated bottles with push-pull caps.

This belt has two pockets -- A large dimensional zip pocket with a key ring clip that will fit phones up to an iPhone 6 plus, and a smaller mesh pocket for small essentials or trash.

The Trail Mix Hydration Running Belt fits waist sizes 26”-42”.


  • It is available in a variety of colors

  • Replacement bottles can be purchased


  • A large phone is a very tight fit and leaves no room for anything else

  • The bottles are not very durable

Outdoorsman Labs

Outdoorsman Labs

Outdoorsman Labs is a small innovative outdoor gear company. Their goal is to provide top quality products with premium, unique features. They have done just that with this running belt. They have designed a belt specifically for runners. It is a super-soft, lightweight Neoprene fuel belt and it comes with two BPA-free, leak-proof, 10-ounce water bottles.

This belt features anti-slip inner layers that ensure a snug fit with no slip, bounce, rubbing, or chaffing while you are running. The belt is sized to fit waists from 28” to 38”. It has adjustable nylon straps and a strong buckle closure.

The pocket on this belt has a top zipper that makes retrieving your items easy. You also know that they are secure and you won’t worry about them falling out. The pocket fits all smartphones, even the iPhone 7 plus! There is a separate inner pocket with a liner to prevent scratches from keys.

Another feature that this belt has is a headphone port. You can listen to your favorite music during your run.

To keep you safe, the belt also has high visibility reflectors to make sure that you are seen in the early mornings or late evenings.


  • It has clips for a race bib

  • Extra large pocket

  • Can be worn on the front or back


Fit Harmony 365

Fit Harmony 365

The Fit Harmony 365 hydration belt is a lightweight and comfortable belt that comes with two 16oz BPA-free, toxin-free aluminum bottles. The belt has spacious water bottle holders on the sides and the bottles have hooks on the top so that you can attach them to a backpack or any other gear bag when you’re not wearing your belt.

It features an adjustable strap and an ergonomic fit that keeps the belt in place with no bouncing or chafing. This belt is designed to be breathable and has padding to ensure comfort while wearing.

This belt has a roomy center zip pocket that is big enough for your iPhone or Android smartphone. Along with your phone, there is also room for credit cards, an ID, keys, or other small essentials. In addition to the center pocket, there are also detachable side pockets for even more storage.

The Fit Harmony 365 belt comes with patented reflective trim, so you are more visible to motorists. They also offer a lifetime warranty. If for any reason you don’t love it, at any time, you can exchange it for a new one or get a refund.


  • Aluminum water bottles

  • Reflective trim

  • Extra storage


  • Extra weight due to bigger bottles

  • Very heavy to run with

  • Bottles are hard to access while running



Runtasty has created an innovative running hydration belt. It was voted the #1 Hydration Belt in Europe’s Runner Magazine.

This belt comes with two BPA-free, 8.5-ounce water bottles and a free eBook - Runtasty’s 10 Tips for Running Faster, Better, and Longer!

This belt is made with stay-dry neoprene and includes a separate black waterproof pocket that will keep everything dry. The Runtasty belt was designed using anti-slip technology. It is made with a gel-based interior lining that ensures comfort, fit, and durability. They 100% guarantee that it will not bounce.

The belt is made for ultimate comfort and is designed to be worn snug on the hips and will not move. It is fully adjustable with a heavy-duty buckle and will fit any size waist up to 47”.

Another feature that this hydration belt offers is two separate extra large pockets that will fit any iPhone, even an iPhone 6/7 Plus or a Note 5! The unique part of this belt is that the front of the pocket has a touch screen compatible cover and a headphone slot. You don’t ever have to take your phone out of the pocket!

This belt has a large number of reflectors for high visibility during night runs. They have also included convenient straps for race bibs.

The Runtasty company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the hydration belt, you can return it within 90 days for a no-questions-asked refund. If you return the belt, you will still get to keep the free bonus eBook.


  • Touch screen pocket cover

  • Waterproof

  • Fits any smartphone

  • Free eBook


Choose Wisely

Any of the belts above would make a great choice. A hydration belt is important to have so that you are always able to hydrate!

When shopping for a belt, just ask yourself what features you will need. The choice will be based on your own personal needs. The one thing that we all need though is to stay hydrated!

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